Visiting and Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most multicultural nations in the world as well as one of the wealthiest. Great place to enjoy the tropical weather, local traditions, the food, and shopping (if you like that kind of stuff). I’m pretty sure I went from one mall to another without stepping outside and I wasn’t even trying to shop.

I have to admit, I wasn’t able to experience Singapore to its fullest as I was there for a wedding and severely jet lagged. Unfortunately therefore this post will be relatively short. My girlfriend makes fun of me saying that all I basically did was sleep and train. But on your trip through Asia, Singapore is definitely one of the places you need to stop at.

The BJJ Experience


FamaFit Singapore, under Zoro Moreira, recommended to me by a friend of mine who I knew from my time training at Taiwan. If you are thinking about dropping in, the day pass is $60 (special discount at $20). The gym offers a sizable mat space, other programs such as Muay Thai and Strength & Conditioning, and has showers.

Overall training experience was pretty good, the 2 morning classes that I went to had on average 9 people on the mat, with a belt ranges. The class format: Starting with basic warm up drills,

Address: 3A River Valley Road, #02-03, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020


Phone: 65 6352 0992 2017

Travelling Around Singapore 

Source: Singapore Land Transport Authority

Like many of the other Asian countries, Singapore has an extremely convenient metro system (MRT). You can either purchase tickets at any of the MRT stations or buy their “Ez-link card” at the stations or at 7-Eleven. The Ez-Link card can be used to pay for any public transportation. I believe Singapore also offers a tourist pass, which may make more sense if you are visiting only for a short period

Besides the public transportation, there is also taxi service and Uber in Singapore if you prefer.

Places to Eat

Since I was stuck in the hotel with jet lag and because of the wedding schedule, the only place I can really recommend to eat at is Meet and Green.

Worth the trip!

If you are looking for a healthy but extremely tasty meal with the Singapore flavor, I’m telling you this is the place to go. Everything is either salads or wraps with pricing around $10 – $15 (USD) if I remember. (I could be wrong, jet lag can be brutal). Seating may be limited, especially during lunch hours but you can also do take out and find a place to sit and enjoy.

Overall I wished I could of stayed in Singapore longer and explored a bit more. But with the tight schedule I had, it was not meant to be.  Hopefully I will have more opportunities in the future to come back and visit, check out more of the culture, sights, and most definitely the BJJ scene.

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